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Looking for skilled software developers!

Kinematic is growing and we are again looking for skilled and experienced software developers (C++, web front-end, and more ...).

We are extremely informal and straightforward, focusing on targeted results rather than methods and procedures. We work very unrestrained and goal oriented - and we laugh and have fun a lot. We are collectors of good colleagues, bright talents and real people.

You want freedom and momentum, you fancy innovative software development with close interaction between user interface, 3D graphics, sensors, GPS, algorithms, control, ... You are really good at at least some of this. And you get happy when customers praise your work.

We use our Robotics technology to make everyday life easier for machine operators and others and to save time, money, and resources for the benefit of both our customers and the environment. Learn more about what we do at

If you are curious now, call 267 367 67 or write to info @ 😊


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